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Moving to a new location?

To avoid disruptions, let All Phase help you find the fastest, most cost-effective way to plan the move. For example, completing preliminary wiring at a new location often minimizes down-time.

Purchasing a new piece of equipment?

Let's check first to make sure your plant has the proper voltage, amperage and wiring available. If not, we can run all wiring in advance, so you can put the new equipment to use as soon as you get it.

Reorganizing the shop floor?

Our assistance in planning the move can save you money and time.

Broken Machine?

With 24 Hour Service, we respond immediately to emergency calls. Safety upgrades for equipment

Lighting Installation and Repairs

Making changes in your plant or office may mean also changing your lighting system. From repairing one fixture to upgrading or replacing your entire system, All Phase can give you prompt, customized service and solutions that prioritize energy efficiency and savings.

Power and Distribution

Plant expansion and equipment acquisitions often require additional power. This may require upgrading your existing incoming service or simply adding a sub service.

All Phase can access your requirements and advise you what the most cost effective solution might be, always bearing in mind the need for future expansion.

Plant Relocation and Expansion

Businesses change. At All Phase, plant relocation and expansion are our specialties.

Finding the right solution is a challenge because it must allow for flexibility to meet tomorrow's demands. Let us help you minimize your down time

Chain store and Franchise Services

Lighting should be considered a sales tool in retail environments. It can be used to entice customers into the store, lead them through merchandise areas, call attention to specific merchandise, and draw customers through the transaction process-all the while conveying specific moods or enhancing merchandising themes. In many cases maintenance of this designed lighting system is left to the store employees. These employees are often unaware of the subtle differences in color, wattage or beam spread, between various lamps. After a period of time the original design is no longer maintained.

All Phase can assist you to institute a scheduled maintenance program. This program will deploy a technician to service the lighting system on a regularly scheduled basis (monthly or quarterly). All failed lamps are replaced, failed fixtures repaired and other components of the lighting system serviced. This can include interior, exterior, signs, emergency lights, etc.

Electrical Contracting:

All Phase Electrical Services has established itself as a leader in providing cost effective solutions when requested for all your electrical installations. Working with General Contractors, Project Managers, Plant Engineers, as well as Maintenance personnel we review your plans, listen to your requirements and if requested offer alternative products or methods for solutions to any project, large or small that you may have.

Plant Maintenance

All Phase Electrical Services has a full complement of highly skilled personnel to provide you with exceptional service in a timely manner. We provide troubleshooting of equipment that has broken down as well as preventive maintenance programs as well as thermography scanning of equipment to help avoid costly breakdowns when production is critical.

Safety System Upgrades

All Phase Electrical Services can provide cost effective, ergonomically, solutions to your required safety controls. Working with your PSR (Pre Start Review) we analyze, engineer, and implement a safety system to reduce downtime, minimise training on the new system, and attempt to keep existing production levels were possible.

Lighting Retrofits and Repairs

All Phase Electrical Services will work with your local utility and our suppliers to provide a cost reducing alternative to your existing facilities lighting system. We will provide all energy analysis, savings, as well as filing the required paperwork for project cost and rebate (if any) from the utility, ensuring that your new system will increase light levels but reduce hydro costs.

Custom Panel Building

Working from your drawings or providing Engineered drawings we can build, test, install, as well as integrate with existing systems.